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Eventually, here is the picture Helen picked.

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Hello and welcome to our web site or is this a blog? We don’t really know.

Our initial reason for developing this site was to learn just that, how to write / develop a website with the intent of using this new found knowledge in our work environment some how, probably?!

Or maybe we just wanted a slight insight into what’s involved and maybe pretend we were a little less computer illiterate than we really are. We had and still have a long way to go!

So who are we?

We are Paul & Helen from North Lincolnshire and clinging onto our forties.
We don’t think we’re old by any stretch of the imagination but our kids are convinced we are, especially so since we bought our first motorhome in 2007.

Children can be so lovely sometimes and then they reach their teens! Roll on grandchildren, see how they like it!

So why a web about our Motorhome, Myrtle?

To be honest, in the absence of any other topic other than work we couldn’t think of anything else to make a web page about. Well certainly nothing that could provide the same quantity of varied content and Myrtle was and still is our main interest outside of work and family.

If nothing else, we thought, it would be a good place to store some photographs and keep a sort of a diary. It was only then however that we realised how few photographs we actually had and or any record, other than our aging memories, of where we’d been or even where we were going.

So the first positive thing to come from this new project was a new camera for yours truly and more photographs as well as a reliable hard copy memory.

Next it was going to be a great way of letting our friends and family know when and where we were going to be.

Since then however the web, stroke blog, has given us so much more and continues to do so. Not least of these positive spin offs has been, the tongue in cheek, not to be taken too seriously, Myrtle The Motorhome, Myrtle Mates and everything associated with this.

A little more about us and why we took up Motorhoming.

Between us we have 5 children, Paul 3 - Helen 2. Though of those that still live at home the score is now 1 - 0 and no doubt it won’t be too long before it’s just the two of us.

For many years, while the number of children which lived with us through Monday to Friday varied from time to time it always worked out that on one weekend we would have all 5 children and we would be a family of 7 and on the alternate weekend it would be just the two of us. This alternate weekend became known as “our weekend” and Myrtle was bought with these weekends in mind.

Our first Myrtle, though supposedly a 4 berth was in reality only really a practical 2 berth and as the motorhoming scene didn’t really appeal to our teenage brood, they are what we call Motorhomerphobic, things have worked out really well.

We had our first Myrtle for 4 years before trading her in for Myrtle 2.

Myrtle 2 is quite a bit bigger and at 6 berth works quite well for the occasional away break with one or two of our brood of young adults. Please note however the emphasis is very much on the occasional and the motorhoming thing is still very much our thing and our offspring are still committed Motorhomerphobes.

Though not so restricted these days to every other weekend we still tend to plan our trips at the beginning of each year on those weekends that would have been “Our Weekend”.
Where we go and where we stay is varied as long as the sites we select fit our basic criteria. For me there must be a pub and a paper shop within ½ a mile of the site and there must be a proper loo on site. For H the criteria is even simpler and she only insists that any site we stay on must have a proper, clean, loo.

Number ones only in Myrtle for us.

We have nothing against those that do, do others in their cassette loos but, at the moment at least, it’s strictly number ones only in Myrtle.

We say at the moment because we know that if we do ever achieve our dream of being able to take an extended break to tour Europe we know we might need to compromise on the loo thing.

Anyway, enough of the porta potty talk, that’s it. That’s who we are, normal, well normalish people who enjoy our motorhome and enjoy meeting similar minded people.