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Had a lovely weekend at Hayfield.

8th December 2013

 The National Motorhome Show 2014

Booking is now open for the National Motorhome Show, Peterborough so why not come and stop with the Myrtle Mates in our very own camping area.
Booking can be made here:
Select Myrtle Mates from the Club Drop Down Menu
If you don't know or require a Myrtle Mate Membership No. please email: 
Further discounts available with Promo Code: NMSFLASH

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10th February 2012 Site Is Launched.

The 1st version of Web Page is launched.

18th February 2012

Myrtle Got Her Own Facebook Account, Myrtle T. Motorhome.

Myrtle T. Motorhome can now be found on Facebook.

Become a friend of Myrtle T. Motorhome at and  keep up to date with everything Myrtle.

24th February 2012

Help, Myrtle Needs You!

Please help, Myrtle The Motorhome has had over 13,000 hits which is great but I've been that busy sorting out and learning other webby stuff I haven't had any time to write the articles this site needs. If you can help Myrt out it would be very much appreciated. Can you recommend any good campsites? Recommend gadgets for our Top 10's review page. Do you have a story for our blog you would like to share.
If you can help please email to
and become a Myrtle Mate.

11th April 2012

Just Got Back From Bridlington

Read the review.

Well! The first outing of the year and a very different break to what we're used to.
Firstly though let me tell you about the site. A clean tidy site with good sized pitches and excellent facilities. I could start every review about a caravan club site with the same sentence, this is, we have found, the standard for their sites. There are a few things that differentiate one CC site from another however.


11th April 2012

Just Booked Two More Weekends Away.

Friday 13th April 2012 to Sunday 15th April 2012
Castleton Caravan Club site.
Friday 28th September 2012 to Sunday 30th September 2012
Rowntree Park Caravan Club site York.
Come and see us if you're in the area.

16th April 2012

Read The Review of the Weekend At Castleton.

We encountered the worst site warden of the year so far, Brian at Castleton Caravan Club site.
We also met the casts of Shameless, Wife Swap and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on what was a very mixed weekend

20th April 2012

Myrtle Got Her Own Twitter Account, @MyrtleMotorhome

@MyrtleMotorhome can now be found on Twitter.

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9th May 2012

Just Made A Last Minute Booking For This Weekend

Hayfield, Camping & Caravan Club Site Derbyshire
11th May to 13th May

Last minute booking after seeing the area on the BBC's Country File.

This is where, in 1932 500 walkers held a mass trespass and walked from Hayfield to Kinder Scout.

As a tribute to these walkers on Saturday 12th May at precisely 19:32 I intend to walk the 500 yards to the village pub.

30th May 2012

Just got back from a great weekend in Castleton
Don't know what hurts the most, the sun burn on the back of my legs or my leg muscles after climbing up Mam Tor, something I last did 10 years 4 stones ago.

Had a great weekend at Knaresborough
Watched the Knaresborough Bed Race and made a wish in Mother Shiptons Well.

15th June 2012

Just Posted
Our Newquay Holiday
June 21st to July 1st
Fun, Sun, Sea & Rain & Rain & Rain

11th July 2012

Just Posted
Our Trip To The Open Golf
Blackpool South
July 20th to July 23rd
Well Done Ernie

2nd August 2012

4th September 2012

Just Posted
Details of our third & final trip of 2012 to
August 3rd 2012 to August 5th 2012

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5th September 2012

Just Posted
Details of our trip to
The Country Show & Eyam Carnival
August 31st 2012 to September 2nd 2012

21st September 2012

We're Off To France & Spain
All A Bit Last Minute And No Great Plan Yet Except;
We've booked a ferry for Sunday 30th September Dover to Calais
Then down the west coast, turn left at Bordeaux and through Dordogne
South of France and into Spain before heading back.
Away for at least 3 weeks.

1st November 2012

At Last!
Have just posted our visit to:
Scarborough Camping & Caravaning Club Site
in September
Had it almost complete but then we buggered off to France before I had chance to post it!
Currently in the process of writing up our France & Spain trip. 

18th January 2013

Yet Another At Last Moment!
Have just posted:
Myrtle The Motorhomes Euro Tour 2012
We had a great time, went to France & Spain. Was away 21 nights, made 10 stops, visited 9 campsites and 1 Aires. Did 2516 miles in Myrtle and 73 miles on Lizzie and Ada and got shot once, well H did, only a little!

15th November 2013

New Myrtle Merchandise!
Introducing the new "I'm a Myrtle Mate" Clothing and Accessories Range

For the Ladies there's the Madame Myrtle Range.
Also Myrtle Menswear, Myrtle Unisex and Myrtle Millinery(caps)

24th November 2013

Myrtle Movie Clip Released!

The epic tale of a small bunch of Myrtle The Motorhome, Myrtle Mates and how they took on the might of the German Army.

Nominated for 4 Golden Globes, 3 Oscars, 2 Restraining Orders and an ASBO this is your chance to premiere the latest Myrtle Movie clip before its international release later this year.

29th November 2013

 Christmas Carols in Castleton, Derbyshire

On the 14th December eight Myrtle Mates will be meeting up in Castleton, Derbyshire and stopping at The Peak Hotel. We're very much looking forward to the Christmas Carol Concert in The Peak Cavern before returning to the Peak Hotel for a few beers!

25th November 2013

Because of the rapid pace at which the Myrtle The Motorhome, Myrtle Mates membership base has been growing we had lost track of exactly how many members we actually do have.

It was recently estimated however that the number of Myrtle Mates was somewhere between the 30 and 50 thousand mark.

Following a recent audit we are now indeed able to confirm that the actual number of Myrtle The Motorhome, Myrtle Mates was very close to this lower estimate and is indeed 37 and therefore only 7 off our lower estimate, but sadly 49,963 off our higher estimate.

If you would like to become a Myrtle Mate please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or via our Contact Page and become a Myrtle pioneer.

Myrtle Mate Membership Audit Results Just In!