Myrtle The Motorhome

Bridlington, East Riding

Easter Weekend
6th April to 9th April

Well! The first outing of the year and a very different break to what we're used to.

Firstly though let me tell you about the site. A clean tidy site with good sized pitches and excellent facilities. I could start every review about a caravan club site with the same sentence, this is, we have found, the standard for their sites. There are a few things that differentiate one CC site from another however.

It's fair to say Bridlington Caravan Club site won't rate among our favourites.

This is a new site that only opened in August 2011 I think and boy can you tell, who's designing these sites for the Caravan Club Mr Rockstien from the Flintstones.

Their recipe seems to be: take one beautiful patch of green, green countryside and turn it into a not so beautiful patch of grey, grey countryside by covering it in gravel and tarmac.

When we arrived, at 12.00 noon which is quite early for us as it is usually after 6pm, we had a choice of quite a few featureless gravel patches to select from, you can see from the photo's the dilemma we had.

The other thing that now seems to be quite standard at the caravan club these days is the warden situation.

Two couples comprising of one pleasant couple and one not so pleasant couple who always seem to have the need to project themselves as the senior pair. Anyone who uses the club on a regular bases will know that 50% of the wardens are excellent and 50% have or want absolutely no customer service skills what so ever and almost certainly attended the Sadam Hussein school of diplomacy.

We would say that the location of this site is more suited to the tuggers than us motorhomers. There was some tearooms and crafty shops at Martongate just under a mile away and a pub about a mile and a half away but the narrow footpath adjacent to a very busy road didn't make for the nicest of walks and the wet weather certainly didn't help.

Not sure we would stay there again other than this was a good site for meeting up with a few friends and family as you'll see below.

Once pitched on our pristine piece of gravel our weekend began.

First off Martin and Donna from Cleethorpes called in to see us just after we arrived on their way up to Scarborough for the weekend. It was great to see them both again as it as been a couple of years since we were all together.

They stopped for fish, chips and mushy peas from an excellent chippy in Sewerby before continuing onto Scarborough.

Our next visitors were my mum and Terry who have a static van at Bempton Chalet Park which is about 4 miles away. Having never stopped in their caravan Polly packed her sleeping bag and a few things and left with them to stay the night in their van.

My mum and Terry brought Polly back on Saturday morning and while at our van my sister and niece (Sharon & Katie) who were due to stay at mum and Terry's arrived and also called in for coffee.

Later on Saturday Sharon and Katie picked us up and we spent the day in Bridlington with them. That evening they also ferried us to and from mum and Terry's van where we spent the evening playing a very noisy Royale Family board game to win orange chocolate Club Biscuits. I cheated as normal and ended up eating far too many chocolate biscuits, if I never see a chocolate orange Club Biscuit again!...

Sunday morning brought more visitors, first Martin & Donna popped in again this time on their way home from Scarborough and in the afternoon George and Emma drove up to see us on their way to stop at Mum and Terry's.

I tried the E-bike for the first time on Sunday evening and rode the 4 miles to Bempton Chalet Park.

It was quite a cold evening so I had quite a bit of padding on ( see photo's). It took just 15 minutes and I hit a top speed of 22.7 mph just before going over the level crossing at the bottom of the hill going to Bempton. Fat bloke on a bike is bad enough but fat bloke wobbling uncontrollably at 22.7 mph while going over level crossings on a bike must have been a sight to behold.

On Monday morning we packed up a drove the 10 miles or so to Filey Country Park where we met up with George & Emma again and parked up for a few hours and had our second lot of fish, chips and mushy peas of the weekend.

We arrived home about 6.30 pm on Monday.

All in all not a bad long weekend, the site could have been better located and less featureless and the weather could have been a lot nicer but we really enjoyed all the company we had and we will definitely need a new jar of coffee before our next trip out.

My reports will need to get shorter too.

This would appear to be the best bit of gravel!

Decisions, Decisions, so much gravel to choose from!

Buster looks for a pebble.

That's the one!

Katie waffling!

Fat bloke on an E-Bike!

Polly want pizza!

Aprils caption competition.