Myrtle The Motorhome

Castleton, Derbyshire

25th May to 27th May

A weekend at Castleton Caravan Club Site.

I just knew if we kept going to Derbyshire I'd end up walking up a bloody mountain!

The mountain to which I refer is Mam Tor also known as The Shivering Mountain.

Though technically speaking, thanks to Europe and those amazing people in Brussels, Mam Tor isn' t a mountain anymore. It once was but new EEC regulations state that anything less than 610 meters can no longer be classed as a mountain and at 517 meters I guess that just makes Mam Tor a bloody big hill.

A shame really because I think I could have just about managed another 93 meters and it would have been nice to list one of my hobbies as mountain climbing!

It was only just over a month since our last visit to the Castleton site and the pitches were still of a good size and the facilities were still excellent, everything Caravan Club.

You may recall our last visit was marred by the Caravan Club's nominee for prat of the year Brian the Warden. This time I am pleased to report, although we saw Brian, there were no Brian behavioural problems, in fact there was no Brian interaction at all and this review is about our weekend which is how it should be.

We did however, due to the weather and not Brian, decide to book an extra night so we could stay later on Sunday if we wanted to while the sun was shining.

Unlike our last visit to Castleton the pitches either side of us and opposite were occupied by very nice friendly people too.

Summer 2012 had eventually arrived earlier in the week and average temperatures over the weekend were between 25 and 27C.

The Cadac was on overdrive, steaks Friday night, cooked breakfast Saturday morning, steaks again Saturday evening and another cooked brekkie on Sunday morning.

A bottle of red with dinner on Friday and a walk into Castleton in shorts and tee shirt arriving back at just before ten o'clock was a brilliant end to a lovely evening.

We've been coming to Derbyshire for quite a few years now, originally camping at Coopers Farm in Edale.

Back then our favoured walking route was from Edale over Hollins Cross, down into Castleton for a cream tea at the Three Roof Cafe and back to Edale skirting around the base of Mam Tor, though we had been up it a few times, eventually finishing off at the Nags Head for a teatime bar meal and a few well earned pints.

So here we were in Castleton, the sun was shining and the Dark Peak was calling, I could feel the years rolling back as I donned my favourite khaki shorts exposing my lily white not so short but fat hairy legs and laced up my hiking boots. Then for some bizarre reason I decided that hiking boots were over the top and changed back to my comfy shoes, a decision I would later regret.

So off we set at about 11.30 AM, Helen, Buster and yours truly.

We used our knowledge of the area to derive our own route which was basically up through Castleton, up old Mam Tor Road, up Mam Tor along the ridge to Hollins Cross and back down into Castleton. A few well earned lager and blacks at the Peak Hotel before heading back to the campsite.

A more detail description of the walk is available by clicking here.

We eventually got back to the campsite for early evening and by this time Helen, who is naturally a fairer complexion than me was starting to suffer from sun burn and my bones and in particular my feet were aching. The backs off my legs were also sun burnt, in short poor me was a lot worserer than Helen!

By bed time H was red raw and giving off more heat than a nuclear reactor and I was convinced my right hip had 'gone' as in whenever I tried to walk it just seemed to collapse beneath me and I was going to need an emergency hip replacement operation ASAP.

Cracking walk though!

Sunday morning was like a scene from casualty, Helen looked like a first day make up artist had tried to make her look like a burns victim and I was walking like an actor that was so over exaggerating his symptoms it would make Dieder Drogba look like an Oscar winner.

We were unfit and over weight, anyway enough whinging, Cadac out cooked brekkie on.

A part from a short walk into Castleton for an ice cream most of Sunday was spent just chilling and chatting with the neighbours before the steady drive home.

All in all an excellent weekend.

The Old Mam Tor Road and the way up.

The way down from Hollins Cross & Castleton in the distance.

Mam Tor or The Shivering Mountain

Buster & H at the 'Summit'

Along the ridge to Hollins Cross

It's enough to bring a tear to your egg, I mean eye!

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