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There have been two Myrtles.

Myrtle 1: June 2007 to June 2011

Myrtle 1 was an Elddis Autocirrus RB or 200 we were never really quite sure.

She was bought from some nasty people at, sorry I mean in South Yorkshire.

This was our first motorhome and although we grew to love her she didn't half have some issues when we first got her.

These became known as "The Problems" and  included such things as brake lights and rear side lights not working, water tank filler cap seized into filler bit on the side of the van, waste sensor wire snapped and wrapped around the axle, fresh water tank sensor not working, fresh water tank filler hose perished and leaking inside, cupboard doors not shutting etc etc.

Now you might be thinking these aren't big "Problems" and you've heard of a lot worse things when purchasing a second-hand motorhome. Unfortunately for us though this wasn't a second-hand van but a brand spanking new motorhome which we'd just been separated from the best part of every penny we owned for.

The company we bought her from were absolutely terrible to deal with too.

At first we used to go back to have things mended. This involved ringing the horrible people and then waiting anywhere between two and six weeks for an appointment. I would then have to drive Myrtle to Rotherham and Helen would follow in the car, we would leave Myrtle and drive home. A few days later we would have do the same in reverse order to collect her.

A total trip journey of about 250 miles, which I know isn't a lot but after doing this about 4 times we decided that it was more convenient to carryout the repairs ourselves and quite frankly to a better standard.

I'm not bitter! Much!

Other "Problems" which occurred far too quickly after purchase, but not in any specific order or importance:

* Drivers swivel seat mechanism falling to bits.
* No feed to the 12volts external water pump socket.
* Crazy paving cracking to fibre glass.
* Water leak at the rear above the wardrobe in heavy rain.
* Vehicle battery needed replacing.
* Chrome rusting, inside.
* Luton ladder breaking.
* Various blinds replacing.
* Etc Etc Etc.
The list goes on or should I say went on. The irony is we bought new because we didn't want the hassle of ongoing DIY and repairs.

It would appear that in 2007 when we bought Myrtle, having been told she was a 2006 model, she actually turned out to be a 2005 model.

We found this out when we had to contact the manufacturers because of some confusion over ordering parts.

Although never registered Myrtle was actually 2 and a bit nearly 3 years old.

Most of "the problems" were due to her having been stood outside for most of that time we believe and more than likely under a tree for most of that time to going by the number of seeds, leaves and pips we constantly found everywhere, including under the bonnet where it looked as though Myrtle had once had a furry lodger.
Most of the damage was due to things perishing like the seals, water pipe, filler cap, fibre glass, springs etc. I can hear people screaming what were we thinking of buying it in such a state and were we mad'
The honest answer is we were pretty thick but we'd thought, very naively, that we were buying a brand new van and all would be fine.

When the dodgy sales man at the 5 minute handover said "this is where you fill the water up, it's straight forward, we've filled it up, you don't need to check that" we genuingly  believed him, only for it to fall to bits the first time we used it!

What could be wrong with a new van we thought, it was even 2 and a bit weeks late for collection because when they were doing their thorough PDI they'd found a part needed which had to be ordered?

These must be good people, or had someone gone on holiday with the keys and that's why it was late for collection?

This apparently had happened but not with our keys! Yeah right! Funny how the PDI didn't pick up on the fact the brake lights and rear side lights didn't work, how thorough is that?

When we did eventually collect Myrt the husband and wife tag team that worked for the SOUTH YORKSHIRE based MOTORHOMES company that sold her to us had just got back from a fortnights holiday abroad with lovely tans!
Were we mad? Well we must have been, I just hope that the hit man and her we dealt with cracked a few ribs from laughing so hard when they eventually saw Myrtle and two of the biggest suckers our side of ROTHERHAM drive out of the gate.

Anyway enough moaning about Myrtle 1, we have had some cracking times in her
and learnt a lot, not least how to repair things but also that when we collected Myrtle 2 we'd devised had a ruddie great checklist to go through before we collected her.

The list was great too, we found no end of little problems we were able to have repaired or put right before we parted with any money this time!

We can look back on it now and laugh, through gritted teeth, the thing is though, because of The Problems Myrtle 1 never really felt like a new van. I guess all of the faults and the hassle took the shine off things for us. Myrt never polished up that well either!

We traded Myrtle 1 in when we bought Myrtle 2 with a small tear in our eye, some relief and quite a lot of trepidation hoping Myrtle 2 would be a little less problematic.

To whoever owns our Myrt 1 now, we genuinely hope you have better luck than we did, hopefully helped by the fact that in the four years we owned her we replaced perished bits with much sturdier parts and totally re-sealed all the roof joints etc and I'm sure the dealer we traded her in to will sell her with a better warranty than the one we received from the shysters we bought her from.

We always look out for her on the road. Look after her and enjoy.