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Myrtle 2 : June 2011 to Present

Myrtle 2 is an Auto Trail Cherokee, for definite (see About Myrtle 1)

We'd decided sometime earlier that we were going to replace Myrtle 1.

"The Problems" which had taken all the shine off buying a new van, had made some influence on this decision. We were also worried that as Myrt always looked older than her years, mainly because she was older than her years, coupled with the fact she'd never really buffed up that well, might in the long term effect her trade in or re-sell value. We had no evidence that this would be the case but just had that gut feeling that four years was long enough for this make and model(s).

Knowing our luck it will probably be the absolute opposite and the Elddis Autocirrus RB or 200 will become a rare, sort after classic model which always attracts big bucks despite the year or condition. Oh well, if it does then never mind, it was time to get rid.

"The problems" were however only a small part of the decision to change and by far the greater influence was that old chestnut "Layout".

Myrtle 1 had been our first motorhome and after much research and deliberation we choose a layout we thought was right, but based on what practical experience? We'd never owned or even stayed in a motorhome before so not surprisingley we got it wrong.

From been first time motorhomers back then, we were now, in our considered opinion at least, experienced motorhomers and had a better idea of what worked and didn't work for us. We were four years experienced now, four years older and personally just a bit over four pounds heavier!

The rear bathroom of Myrtle 1, which was like a full size ensuite, had been a major attraction of our original layout choice. The reality was however, that although we liked that bathroom very much we found it was far too under used to be such a major influencing factor on layout choice we now thought.

Also the novelty of climbing a ladder to go to bed and the limited head room of the over cab or Luton bed had worn a bit thin and a change to fix bed was now our desired layout of choice.

Helen also joked once that if I ever popped me clogs up there, being a big lad they would
probably need to cut the roof off to get me out and that would be an end to her motorhoming days too. I think she was joking, anyway I couldn't be so inconsiderate, we changed to a fixed bed.

We picked several makes and models with a layout we now thought better suited us and travelled quite a few miles to view each of these and a few others to boot.

We looked first at a new model of Elddis but "The Problems" we suffered had put us off this make beyond any advantages the new model had to offer, which weren't that many anyway.

We also viewed Swift and Bessacarr models before plumping for the Auto Trail Cherokee.

The deciding factors been a bundle of gadgets including solar panel as standard, a silver look front end and skirts (known as the platinum package) and a 6 berth for the same price as a 4 berth. This, we thought would be handy when we had guests to stay, obviously making sure who ever slept in the over cab had a clean bill of health, wouldn't want to cut the top off our new van!

The deal was done and we arranged to collect our new motorhome in 6 weeks time which would be just after our return from a weeks holiday in France.

It was a conscious decision to make our trip to France the last holiday in Myrtle I1rather than the first in Myrtle 2 in case of teething problems or delays.

This time around we had also, as mentioned earlier, derived our own check list to ensure all was well before we parted with any money (except for the £1000.00 deposit) and drove away.

This proved very useful as there were lots of problems which although not major had to be sorted out before we took Myrtle 2 home and collection was put back one week.

Interestingly most of the faults were cosmetic damage, scratches and dents to walls and doors which apparently, according to the salesman from Newark, would have been our problem once we'd driven out of their gates!

One week later, we went through our check list again from start to finish and all was well, you live and learn!

We went straight to a CS near Whitby to meet friends for the weekend.

We managed a few more weekends and a week in the New Forest before putting Myrt into hibernation for the 2011-2012 winter.

A Reginald Perrin and Hippo Moment.

Hope the kids are looking after the House!

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