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Myrtle Mates

Who are the Myrtle Mates?

We are an informal, well mannered like minded group with a relaxed, light hearted attitude to life and don't take ourselves or others too seriously. If you like the occasional barbeque, a social drink, a chill, a chat and a laugh but then on other occasions prefer your own company and to do your own thing then you are very welcome to become a Myrtle Mate!

Some Myrtle Mates own Motorhomes, others are Caravanners and Campers and whether we have met on a Campsite, in a pub or via social networking such as Facebook or Twitter, one thing we do all have in common is a sense of humour.

The modern Myrtle Mates have seen a resurgence since 2007 but it is unlikely that our origins are steeped in history which may even surpasses that of "The Big Two Clubs". 

Recent research via the National Arcive, Wikopedia and Google have helped to invent a history that dates back to the late nineteenth century, nearly 3 years before Rallying with a Motorhome or Caravan was made legal by an act of Parliment in 1900 and over 2 years before "The Big Two Clubs" were formed. Yet unlike these two organisations with their myriad of rules and regulations the Myrtle Mates would have survived possibly for over 114 years with only one Myrtle The Motorhome Myrtle Mate Motto and one rule.

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