Myrtle The Motorhome

We turned right out of the campsite and followed the road into Castleton and up to the visitors centre.

We continued past the visitors centre and up the Old Mam Tor Rd.

After a short while the road forks, left would take you up Winnats Pass and to the Speedwell Mine.

We kept right and continued up the Old Mam Tor Road.

Further along the road we passed the Treak Cavern on our left.

The Old Mam Tor Rd is open to traffic as far as Odin Mine.
At Odin Mine is the bus turning point and the road continues for vehicle "Access Only" to Lower Mam Tor Farm.

At the entrance to the farm driveway, which is on your right hand side, the road bends to the left and a gate blocks the way to any further vehicle access and once through the gate it becomes blatantly apparent why.

The road had been subject to many land slips over the years, hence the name "The Shivering Mountain" and eventually the last of these in 1977 sealed the roads fate for good.

The road is still accessible on foot and at the other end of the land slip, just beyond a gate the road begins again and is marked with another bus turning point, the opposite end of the bus route.

At this point The Blue John Mine is to your left hand side.

A little walk along the road and through a small gate on your right and a footpath takes you on a steady incline until you join the road again at the base of the final steep rise to the summit ( I was going to call it the top but summit sounds a lot higher) of Mam Tor.

This is the hardest / only hard bit of the walk but well worth the strain, the views are spectacular and it's all down hill from here.

From "The Summit" we walked along the ridge to Hollins Cross (marked with small dry stone pillar), to your left down one side is Edale with Kinder Scout rising up beyond it and down to your right is Castleton.

For a moment we thought of going down to Edale for a reminisce and a pint in the Nags Head and taking a steady walk back around Mam Tor but fortunately the air wasn't that thin up there and we soon came to our senses, turned right at Hollins Cross.

There are two paths leading down the Castleton side of the hill,, we took the left hand fork, the one that leaves at 45 degrees and headed down towards Castleton.

The first part of the walk down is quite steep and the path is very uneven and it's at this point you wish you'd worn your hiking boots.

As the steep descend ends the path becomes more foot receptive for a while and the view over your right shoulder picture frames a large completed section of the walk including the Old Mam Tor Road, the shale face of Mam Tor and the ridge top to Hollins Cross.

Eventually we came to another gate and the final uncomfortable part of the walk where the path is shared by a small stream and is again very uneven.

At the end of this section you again join a proper tarmac road which at this stage of the walk is bliss to your feet.

The road eventually leads you into Castleton and joins the main through road adjacent to the Post Office.

Turn left and back towards the campsite and we stopped at the Peak Hotel beer garden for a few of the most refreshing but over priced pints of lager and black currant we've ever had.

Mam Tor or The Shivering Mountain

The landslip on the Old Mam Tor Road

The 'Summit' of Mam Tor

The Ridge to Hollins Cross

At Hollins Cross

Our Castleton Walk 26th May 2012

On the way down the view looking back.
The way down and Castleton in the distance.