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Top 10 Gadgets

Please find below just a selection of our favourite gadgets and accessories.

We appreciate however that some things are just a matter of taste and personal preference so what suits us may not suit everybody.

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Cadac Gas Barbeque

We gave our Cadac Gas Barbeque an overall rating of :

9 out of 10 Myrtle Marks

It's great for doing smelly food outside rather than stinking the van out.

The plates/grills clean very easily, easier than traditional gas barbeques we've owned in the past. They are easy to carry to washing up areas and fit easily into the deep sinks usually provided.

We basically have the plates as pictured on the left but others are available such as a pizza stone and a roasting pan etc.

We have actually cooked 14" pizzas on the normal plates(slight overhang but the lid still fitted) and they were excellent. This size pizza wouldn't fit in Myrtles oven and it made a great change to have a couple of pizzas alfresco with wine and friends instead of the usual meaty barbeque and greasy things to clean up afterwards.

Weight might be an issue, the Cadacs that is, not ours which may have increased due to the joy of using this gadget.

The only negative was that it comes without any hose or regulator. We managed to get some hose from a local calor stockists and made sure we got a long enough piece so we could connect to our outdoor gas and have options as to where we stand the barbeque. Careful though there are some regulations as to the maximum length of hose allowed.

One other slight negative, the grill plates have scratched quite easily so we've been and got some good quality plastic utensils. Unlike other gas barbeques however replacement plates are available.

Pro-Tec Cover

  We gave our Pro-Tec Cover an overall rating of :
                                         9 out of 10 Myrtle Marks

If you've read About Myrtle I you'll know she never buffed up that well, that didn't stop me trying however.

With not really enough room to keep Myrtle at home and an ex-neighbour who made Norris from Coronation Street look like a saint we keep Myrtle at a caravan storage site just down the road.

Each year before Myrtle went into hibernation I would spend a day washing , waxing and buffing.

Each year when Myrtle came out of hibernation I would spend a day washing, waxing and buffing.

We did get conned one year into buying a caravan cover which turned out to be little more than a large tarpaulin. This purchase was more to do with our concerns with regard to the roof leaking on Myrtle I  than keeping her clean.

We ended up buying dozens of bungee ropes to fasten it on but despite our best efforts we got several calls from the storage site owner to say "ya taups blown off agin". The bungee hooks caused scratches and when we eventually took it off I spent a day washing, waxing and buffing.

For Myrtle II we invested in a made to measure cover from Pro-tec.
There is a door built/sewn into
the cover and we had a clear panel put in the roof for the solar panel.

It fits like a glove and came with all the necessary straps to secure it and despite the same high winds as in the previous year its not budged an inch.

The access door has been a blessing too, you're bound to leave something in there you decide you need at sometime over the winter. The access door means items can be retrieved easily and without the need to remove the cover.

We go down to check Myrtle every so often and when we do I can't help taking a sneak look under the cover through the door opening at the bodywork which is as sparkling clean as it was when we put the cover on several months earlier.

The long term benefits have got to be good for Myrtle and for me it's one day of washing, waxing and buffing saved each year.

The only negative is, whatever the advertising says it will take two people at least to put the cover on and I would suggest that at least two sets of aluminium steps will make the job a whole load easier.

E-bike Viking Hopper

We gave our E-bike Viking Hopper an overall rating of :

8 out of 10 Myrtle Marks

This is an electric assisted folding bike. We purchased in mid March 2012.

The main purpose of the bike was to be as an easier option to travel to shops should one not be within comfortable walking distance.

First impressions were good. It seemed to be robust and well finished off. It came with front and rear lights which were a bonus we weren't expecting and there was no self assembly other than to remove the packaging and unfold.

After following the instructions to ensure the battery was fully charged before the first use I tested the bike by travelling the 2 1/2 miles to the next village along from ours. I was very impressed. It took me 11 minutes. The E-bike is a motor assisted bike so you have to pedal to engage the motor but it's a lot easier than normal pedalling.

The only thing missing I feel was a speedometer so I bought one from the local Halfords and fitted it before my maiden ride.

For the 2 1/2 mile journey that took me 11 minutes, my average speed was about 12 mph and my top speed was 19 mph.

We bought a carry bag off ebay at a reasonable price and found a space to store the folded bike very easily in Myrtles largest external locker.

I tested it again on our outing at Easter and again was very impressed. I did a 4 mile journey in 16 minutes at a average speed of about 15 mph and hit a top speed of 22.7 mph. A total round trip of 8 miles in about half an hour.

We are so impressed that we are now trying to purchase a second bike so we can have one each as storage isn't a problem.

With a range of up to 35 miles we think these would be great toys to have a day out on together whilst away in Myrtle.

Wonder what we'd be like doing a couple of mile journey home from the pub?

This could become an older persons extreme sport!


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