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Lusty Glaze

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Lusty Glaze must be my favourite place in England, if not the.......

We stumbled across it quite by accident originally back in 1999. We were on holiday in Cornwall and we'd spent a week at Hayle, mainly bodyboarding for the first time, before moving on for a second week at St. Mawes.

St. Mawes, though nice did not have the sort of beaches required for bodyboarding and we had really caught the bug in the first week so we decided to have a day out at Newquay's Fistral Beach.

When we arrived at Newquay it was the National Surfing Championships and you couldn't get near Fistral Beach. We started to head north from Fistral having read Newquay had several good beaches but the same problem with parking and traffic meant we'd soon come out of the other side of Newquay and were just considering whether to turn around and try again or to head up the coast and look for somewhere else when we saw a sign for Lusty Glaze.

We got parked easily in the private pay and display carpark for a reasonable rate and walked down the steps into Lusty Glaze, a private beach with a bistro restaurant, small shop, life guards and brilliant waves. It was like walking onto a forgien beach.

We ended up doing the near 60 mile around trip from St. Mawes to Lusty 4 more times that week, once just for the afternoon.

We have since over the past 13 years or so returned to the area specifically because of Lusty Glaze.

Motorhome Parking, Beach Bistro, Cafe, Life Guards, Great Waves, Sheltered....


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